Journal: American Journal of Botany

Paleo-Antarctic rainforest into the modern Old World tropics: The rich past and threatened future of the “southern wet forest survivors”

ABSTRACT • Premise of study: Have Gondwanan rainforest floral associations survived? Where do they occur today? Have they survived continuously in particular locations? How significant is their living floristic signal? We revisit these classic questions in light of significant recent…


Climate Drives Vein Anatomy In Proteaceae

Jordan GJ, Brodribb TJ, Blackman CJ, Weston PH, (2013) 'Climate drives vein anatomy in Proteaceae', American Journal of Botany, vol.100, pp 1483-93

• Premise of study: The mechanisms by which plants tolerate water defi cit are only just becoming clear. One key factor in drought tolerance is the ability to maintain the capacity to conduct water through the leaves in…