Journal: Ecology Letters

The maximum height of grasses is determined by roots

Cao K-F, Yang S-J, Zhang Y-J, Brodribb TJ: The maximum height of grasses is determined by roots. Ecol Lett 2012, 15(7):666-672

Grasses such as bamboos can produce upright stems more than 30 m tall, yet the processes that constrain plant height in this important group have never been investigated. Air embolisms form commonly in the water transport system of…


Leaf hydraulic evolution led a surge in leaf photosynthetic capacity during early angiosperm diversification

T.J. Brodribb and T.S. Feild (2010) Ecology Letters, 13: 175–183

Angiosperm evolution transformed global ecology, and much of this impact derives from the unrivalled vegetative productivity of dominant angiosperm clades. However, the origins of high photosynthetic capacity in angiosperms remain unknown. In this study, we describe the steep…